• Locks
  • Two different size lock plates are used on the Peak Industries Inc. Towers. Every tower section besides the top section is equipped with two of the same size Lock Plates. Lock Plates not only hold sections together during transportation, but also used to lock each tower section in place during the erection of the tower. These locks should never be forced open, if you are having a problem opening the locks by hand please refer to your owners manual or call for assistance. Failing to due could cause equipment damage or injury/ death of personal. Every lock is equipped with a grease zerk fitting that should be greased as needed to maintain smooth operation. To ensure that each lock is properly greased open locks by rotating handle 180° and inspect the lock. If no grease is present add grease through the equipped grease zerk.


  • Thru Plates
  • Just like the Lock Plates there are two different size Through Pin Plates used on the Peak Industries Inc. Towers. All sections besides the top section of the Peak Industries Inc. Towers are equipped with two Through Pin Plates of the same size. These plates are where the Peak Industries Inc. Through Pins are inserted through the tower sections to ensure the maximum safety and strength of any tower.


  • Through Pins Website
  • Peak Industries Inc. Through Pins are designed not only for safety and strength of the tower, but also used as a push point while erecting the tower to the customers desired height. Through Pins are Tower section specific when erecting a Peak Industries Inc. Tower. When Erecting a Peak Tower You should start with the shortest Through Pin and work your way up to the longest as you are erecting your tower. The strength of the Peak Through Pins are greater than the need for erecting the tower, however without the proper knowledge of how to operate a Peak Tower Pins can bend and will need to be replaced. Please read through Operators Manual before erecting a Peak Industries Tower.