About Us


Peak Industries, Inc. is located in Spokane, Washington. It is a family owned and operated company and Customer Service is our priority. We have 35+ years combined experience in the wireless industry, and we are constantly growing and changing to offer innovative mobile telecommunication solutions for all of your cellular communication needs.

Peak Industries, Inc. is involved in many aspects of the telecom industry, from mobile tower manufacturing to flexible leasing solutions. We offer low-profile, mobile cell towers mounted on trailers, (tower-on-wheels, or TOW’s), or cell-on-wheels (COW’s). Compact design and small footprints make these mobile towers discreet and versatile.

Peak Industries, Inc. is the Industry leader in tower capacity loading ~ 2500 lbs. of vertical loading!

Peak Industries, Inc. manufactures all product from the ground up to be the BEST in the Industry. With high wind ratings and a variety of heights to choose from, our towers are ideal when portability and rapid deployment are required. They can be used as temporary communication towers, surveillance, special event or lighting towers. A quick and easy setup makes them ideal for disaster communication recovery or search and rescue relief. Our masts are virtually maintenance fee. The mechanics of the tower allow for water to go through the mast removing potential freezing issues. When you need our mast to deploy it will; in any weather and any circumstances.

  • COLT (Cell on Light Truck)
  • COW (Cell on Wheels)
  • PGM (Parking Garage Model)
  • TOW (Tower on Wheels)

Peak Industries, Inc. supplies mobile towers to locations across the United States and Canada. All Towers have a fully hydraulic, telescoping tower in heights of 50′, 60’, 80’, 100’, 120’ and up to 150’.   Yes, that’s the tallest and strongest in the industry!

Peak Industries, Inc. manufactures every item from the trailer to the 150’ mast. CAD drafting, plasma cutting, metal fabrication, prototyping and manufacturing services supported by welding, milling, bending and paint facility are all in-house at our shop.  We design and implement all specifications to the customer’s needs.

The COLT (Cell on Light Truck) is an all-inclusive unit with a fully hydraulic telescoping tower from 60’ up to 120’ with an aluminum shelter mounted on a truck with a conventional chassis. The COLT units are available in sizes for a commercial driver’s license and noncommercial driver’s license to suit the customer’s needs.

Peak Industries, Inc. COW’s (Cell on Wheels) are CAD designed for the highest quality of materials and workmanship with our fully hydraulic telescoping towers, antenna mounts and easy to operate units.

Contact Peak Industries, Inc. today to see how we can meet your portable mobile tower needs. We may be reached at 509-443-0479; by FAX at 1-888-725-6218 or via email at contact@peakindustriesinc.com

Peak Industries, Inc. pride themselves in the workmanship, quality, versatility and multiple selections for all of your portable mobile needs. Our mantra is always “EXCELLENCE”.