7D__4240Peak Industries, Inc. is located in Spokane, Washington. It is a family owned and operated company and Customer Service is our priority. We have 35+ years combined experience in the wireless industry, and we are constantly growing and changing to offer innovative mobile telecommunication solutions for all of your cellular communication needs.

Peak Industries, Inc. Has supplied mobile towers to locations across the United States and Canada. All Towers have a fully hydraulic, telescoping tower in heights of 50′, 60’, 80’, 100’, 120’ and up to 150’.   Yes, that’s the tallest and strongest in the industry!

Peak Industries, Inc. manufactures products from the ground up, making it easy to develop new ways to stay on top of the Telecom Industry, being able to manufacture the tallest and strongest mobile tower offered in the world has helped Peak Industries, Inc. become the leader in the Mobile Telecom Industry.