Peak Industries, Inc. is a family owned and operated company located in Spokane, Washington. Our roots run deep, with over 35-years combined experience in telecommunication manufacturing and fabrication. Through the years, as we’ve perfected and increased our telecommunication build processes, both surveillance products and fabrication services became a natural extension of our business model. However, as we’ve increased our services and products, we have never lost sight of the reason for our success. And that is you – our customer. Serving you is our number-one priority, and the foundation of our business.

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The Tallest, Strongest and Safest Mobile Towers in the World!
At Peak Industries, Inc. we take great pride in the creativity and persistence it takes to build a product from the ground up. We don’t build what’s easy – we build what’s best. And our telecommunication products are simply the best in the industry. We are constantly growing and innovating to offer mobile telecommunications solutions, for all your cellular communication needs.


Surveillance solutions are a natural extension of Peak Industries Inc.’s mobile tower manufacturing expertise. With high wind ratings and a variety of heights to choose from, our towers are ideal when the portability and rapid deployment of surveillance is required. And we’re especially proud of our Rapid Mobile Deploy Vehicle. A quick response, quick deploy surveillance solution, built on a 4×4 pickup chassis.


For over 20 years, Peak Industries Inc. has designed and manufactured highly- detailed telecommunication trailers, masts and enclosures in our fully functional, self-contained facility. And through the years, as we’ve purchased high-end tools and machinery, we have become experts in the world of fabrication. Today, we offer our fabrication expertise to you. Just let us know what you want us to build.


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