As demand for our telecommunication products increased and we perfected our build process, fabrication was a natural extension of our services. Peak Industries, Inc. is home to a fully functional and self-contained 13,000 square foot facility. And although this facility features state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, our finest resource is our people. Creative, persistent builders and problem solvers who have one mission – to build the best.

Robotic Plasma Cutter

Prodevco PCR42

The PCR42 advanced robotic plasma steel cutting system combines CNC plasma cutting and torch technology with fully-automated robotics and vision systems. For structural steel cutting this delivers the perfect combination of speed, precision and full four-face operation. PCR42 reads your detailing files and then will: cope, make bolt holes, slots, notches, prep marks for connection plates, stiffeners & angle clips and cut to length.

What and How we Cut

The PCR42 robotic plasma cutting system does beam coping, notches, holes and weld preps, splits beams, and scribes plus marks on all four faces of H-beams, channels, angles, HSS and plates.

Four-face operation

The PCR42’s cutting envelope covers all four faces of steel profiles, allowing for HSS cutting in a single pass and marking on all four sides.

Non-contact measuring system

The state-of-the-art PCR42 platform offers precise measuring methods not affected by excessive rust, debris or mechanical slippage, or by wear and tear.

Part variation compensation

The 3D vision system includes smart technology which measures the actual dimensions of the part and compensates automatically for any variations in materials. The end result corresponds exactly to the information in the DSTV file.



Precision Guillotine Shear


Adjustable and precise shearing has just become a whole lot easier. The Genius S Series is equipped with the best materials for optimal support and incredible performance ensuring a smooth production process. The Genius S Series provides high strength, productivity,sensitivity, and safety while lowering your production cost and improving your bottom line.


With Amada amnc/f Controller

The FO3015NT is designed and engineered to reliably and economically cut all types ofmaterial in a full range of thicknesses.