The Industry Leader in Tower Capacity – 2,500 lbs. of vertical loading!

Peak Industries, Inc. has over 35-years combined experience in the wireless industry, designing and manufacturing telecommunications solutions. We create and build the tallest, strongest and safest mobile towers in the world that are virtually maintenance free, and feature quick and easy set-up.

Drive Versions: COLT & MINI COLT

The COLT (Cell On Light Truck) & MINI COLT are “build to suit” units that can be fitted with Aluminum or steel masts ranging in heights from 20’ up to 80’ vertically, and up to 120’ horizontally. The units can have custom shelters mounted for technology solutions. Units can also be up fitted with auto-leveling and generators. Customer loading can dictate GVWR.


Cell on Light Truck


Cell on Light Truck

TOW Versions: PGM, PTV & PTH

COWS (Cell on Wheels) are CAD Designed for the highest quality of materials and workmanship with our fully hydraulic telescoping towers, antenna mounts and easy to operate units.


Parking Garage Model


Pinned Tower Vertical


Pinned Tower Horizontal


Unlimited Location Site (ULS)

The ULS (Unlimited Location Site) is a complete turnkey solution allowing  last mile connectivity to broadband-challenged areas.


Unlimited Location Site

stackable tower

Our stackable tower solution is very light weight, easy to transport, uses a concrete-less base and can be deployed in hours!